Yu-Gi-Oh! Series 1 Is based predominantly on the first season of the U.S. Version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series and features some of the later TCG characters. The starter set includes Character figures featuring the first seasons 2 main protaganists and the initial first antagonist - Yugi Moto, Seito Kaiba, and Maximillan Pegasus respectively.

Starter Set:

101: Dark Magician 102: Breaker the Magical Warrior 103: Feral Imp 104: Blue-Eyes White Dragon 105: Hitotsu-Me Giant 106: Des Feral Imp

Main Set


001: Amphibian Beast (Pull Report) 002: Berserk Gorilla 003: Cyber Soldier of Darkworld (Pull Report) 004: Des Feral Imp (Pull Report) 005: Firewing Pegasus 006: Goblin Zombie 007: Hiro's Shadow Scout (Pull Report) 008: Hysteric Fairy (Pull Report) 009: Kamakiriman (Pull Report) 010: Kinetic Soldier 011: Mother Grizzly (Pull Report) 012: Neko Mane King  013: Sengenjin (Pull Report) 014: Sonic Maid (Pull Report) 015: The Forgiving Maiden 016: Witty Phantom (Pull Report)

Uncommons 017: Alligator's Sword 018: Asura Priest 019: Thousand-Eyes Idol (Pull Report) 020: Blade Knight 021: Breaker the Magical Warrior 022: Cannon Soldier 023: Sangan (Pull Report) 024: Dragon Piper (Pull Report) 025: Feral Imp (Pull Report) 026: Garoozis (Pull Report) 027: Happy Lover (Pull Report) 028: Key Mace (Pull Report) 029: La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp 030: Mechanicalchaser 031: Morphing Jar

Rares 032: Alligator Sword Dragon (pull report) 033: Baby Dragon (Pull Report) 034: Castle of Dark Illusions 035: Catapult Turtle 036: Suijin (Pull Report) 037: Flame Swordsman 038: Gaia the Fierce Knight 039: Kazejin 040: Curse of Dragon 041: Sanga of the Thunder 042: Thousand Dragon (Pull Report) 043: Relinquished (Pull Report)

Super-Rares 044: Mystical Elf  045: Kuriboh 046: Time Wizard 047: Harpie Lady 048: Summoned Skull  049: Injection Fairy Lily 050: Gaia the Dragon Champion 051: Thousand-Eyes Restrict (Pull Report) 052: Gate Guardian

Chases 053: Blue-Eyes White Dragon  054: Red Eyes B. Dragon 055: Dark Magician (Pull Report)

LE Clix

107: Celtic Guardian 

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