DW Gravity Feed

Thor: The Dark World is a Marvel Heroclix set released in 2013 in support of the Thor: The Dark World [1] movie.

The Set Edit

Based on the 2013 movie, the Gravity Feed set contains 20 figures. 8 Commons, 10 Rares and 2 Chases.

Gravity Feed Edit

Two Gravity Feed versions were released. One to Direct Sales retailers and one as a Target Exclusive .

5 Rares and 1 Chase are exclusive to each Gravity Feed version.

List of Figures

001 Thor (C)

002 Einherjar (C)

003a Dark Elf Soldier (C)

003b Dark Elf Soldier (C)

004 Malekith (C)

005 Sif (C)

006 Tyr (C)

007 Marauder (C)

008 Kurse (C)


009 Algrim (R)

010 Heimdall (R)

011 Fandral (R)

012 Kronan Stone Man (R)

013 Loki (R)


014 Malekith (R)

015 Duhg (R)

016 Hogun (R)

017 Volstagg (R)

018 Thor (R)


019 Thor (LE)


020 Odin (LE)

Starter Set Edit

A Starter Set set was also available with 6 identical common figures, but with different powers and abilities.

List of Figures

101 Thor (SS)

102 Malekith (SS)

103 Sif (SS)

104 Loki (SS)

105 Dark Elf Scout (SS)

106 Kurse (SS)

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