Set Fear Itself
Release Year 2013
Clix # FI107
Rarity Limited Edition
Points 200 / 500 / 600
Keywords Animal, Asgardian, Cosmic, Deity, Ruler, The Mighty
Team Power Cosmic
Current Status


Different Dials, One Epic CreatureEdit

The FEAR DialEdit

The Serpent has three different dials, each with its own point value. You may play The Serpent with any of these dials or a combination of dials. When playing with a combination of dials, Serpent's point value is equal to the sum of each individual dial. Each dial is played in sequence, from the highest point value to the lowest.

  • The Fear dial begins at 1. At the beginning of your first turn, roll a d6 and click the Fear dial to the right half of the result.
  • When an opposing character takes damage from The Serpent, turn the Fear dial once to the right.
  • Once per turn, if The Serpent takes damage from an opponent's attack, roll a d6, if the result is 1 - 3, turn the Fear dial once to the left.
  • The Fear dial may never be clicked below 1 or above 12.
  • The Fear dial does not change when The Serpent takes damage and begins a new dial.
  • The Serpent has traits and special powers that refer to "Fear". This refers to the current value of the Fear dial.
  • Each dial of The Serpent uses the Fear Dial in a different way. See the Fear Dial Chart for more information.
Fear Dial Chart

Character InformationEdit


The Serpent vs Thor and the Odinsword

First Appearance: Fear Itself Vol 1 #7 (2011)

Attempting to destroy Odin[1] for stealing the right to the Asgardian[2] throne, Cul[3] and his new Asgard, full of his followers, journeyed to Broxton, Oklahoma[4], home to Thor's fallen Asgard, in an attempt to use Heimdall's[5] Observatory to journey to the true realm eternal, Asgard. After Thor[6] was healed and returned from Asgard, Cul switched to a giant serpent form and battled his nephew, while the Avengers fought the Worthy[7]. At the end, Thor slew his uncle with Odinsword[8], revealed to be Ragnarok, and died in the arms of his father, thus fulfilling the prophecy.


Cover to Fear Itself #7

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