Avengers is a Marvel Heroclix set released in 2012 in support of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase [1] movies.

The Set Edit

Different sets were released as stated below to include a Mini Game set.

Gravity Feed Edit

The Gravity Feed set was released to Direct Sales retailers.

10 Commons and 1 Chase.

List of Figures

201 Thor (C)

202 Hulk (C)

203 Nick Fury (C)

204 Captain America (C)

205 Iron Man (C)

206 Agent Coulson (C)

207 Skrull Infiltrator (C)

208 Hawkeye (C)

209 Tony Stark (C)

210 Heimdall (C)

211 Loki (LE)

Booster Set Edit

Booster Boxes were released to Direct Sales retailers.

10 Commons, 7 Uncommons and 5 Rares.

List of Figures

001 Captain America (C)

002 Hydra Soldier (C)

003 Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (C)

004 Thor (C)

005 Frost Giant (C)

006 Iron Man (C)

007 Black Widow (C)

008 Skrull Commando (C)

009 Hawkeye (C)

010 S.H.I.E.L.D. Commando (C)

011 Maria Hill (U)

012 Sif (U)

013 Bruce Banner (U)

014 Hulk (U)

015 Loki (U)

016 Red Skull (U)

017 Bucky Barnes (U)

018 Captain America (R)

019 Iron Man (R)

020 Thor (R)

021 Howard Stark (R)

022 Destroyer (R)

Team Packs Edit

Team Packs are typically 3 figure packs that were released to Direct Sales retailers or Convention Exclusives.

10 Super Rares and 2 Chases.

List of Figures

023 Volstagg (SR)

024 Hogun (SR)

025 Fandral (SR)

026 Dum Dum Duggan (SR)

027 Gabe Jones (SR)

028 Captain America (SR)

029 Loki (SR)

030 Laufey (SR)

031 Frost Giant Champion (SR)

032 Skrull General (SR)

033 Skrull Soldier (SR)

034 Skrull Warrior (SR)

035 Nick Fury (SR)

036 Black Widow (SR)

037 S.H.I.E.LD. Enforcer (SR)

038 Johann Schmidt (SR)

039 Hydra Footsoldier (SR)

040 Hydra Techician (SR)

041 Red Skull (LE)

042 Odin (LE)

Starter Set Edit

A Starter Set set was also available with 6 identical common figures, but with different powers and abilities.

List of Figures

001 The Mighty Avenger (Thor) (SS)

002 The First Avenger (Captain America) (SS)

003 The Armored Avenger (Iron Man) (SS)

004 The Covert Avenger (Black Widow) (SS)

005 The Sharpshooting Avenger (Hawkeye) (SS)

006 The Incredible Avenger (Hulk) (SS)

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