Speed Values

This represents the amount of spaces that a character can move.

Move Actions

A character given a move action can move up to its speed value in squares across the battlefield. Characters might have powers or abilities that affect how it can move.

A character does not have to move its full speed value, and it can choose to move 0 squares. Characters can also move diagonally.

A character can move through a square occupied by a friendly character, but it can’t move through a square occupied by an opposing character. A character must end its movement if it enters a square adjacent to an opposing character. If a character moves or is moved in such a way that it will end its movement in the same square as another character, the character must end its movement before entering the occupied square.


Characters moving out of hindering terrain will only be able to move up to half of it's speed value. This reduction of the speed value is applied before any other reductions that may be coursed by powers or an ability.

Characters moving into hindering terrain must stop.

The Terrain restriction can be ignored by powers or abilitys such as Leap/Climb, or Teleport/Phasing.

Speed Symbols

There are 6 different type of Speed symbols that effect movement.

Flyer = Flight
Regular / Walker = Running
Swimmer = Swim
Flying Transporter = File:Transporterflight.png
Regular/ Walker Transporter = File:Transporterrunning.png
swimmer Transporter = File:Transporterswim.png

The type of Speed Symbol the character has printed on their base effects that characters movement.

Here's a short summary of the restrictions

Flyer = A Flyer ignores outdoor Hindering, and Blocking Terrain, Ignores opposing characters for movement, and can carry 1 team member at -2 Speed Movement.
Walker = Affected by Hindering, Blocking, and Water Terrain.
Swimmer = Affected by Hindering and blocking terrain, but is not effected by water Terrain for movement.

The Transporter Speed symbols have the same effect as the normal versions, but are able to carry 1 team member, with a -2 to the printed speed value.


Starting with the Fantastic Four Rule Book, Flight and the Ability to Carry a Team member have became Abilities, and are now able to be canceled with the power, Out Wit.

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