Heroclix Tutorial 2017 Powers and Abilities Card - Key Changes

Heroclix Tutorial 2017 Powers and Abilities Card - Key Changes

Each click has four abilities; Speed, Attack, Defense, and Damage. Each Ability has specific value that are determined in your character dial.

Each click may have a colored square that indicate a special power descripted below.

A white square on the dial indicates a unique and special power descripted only in the character's card.

In Adition to the powers indicated on the dial, there are characters that have special Features "Feats", that characters are marked with a star on the dial, that ability is asssigned to the character while is not KO and are discripted as the white abilities on the character's card.

Wizkids offers a download of the Powers and Abilities Card [1] that comes with most starter sets.


Charge (dark green icon)

Earthbound/Neutralized (light green icon)

Flurry (red icon)

Force Blast (purple icon)

Hypersonic Speed (golden icon)

Leap/Climb (orange icon)

Mind Control (light blue icon)

Phasing/Teleport (yellow icon)

Plasticity (dark blue icon)

Running Shot (gray icon)

Sidestep (pink icon)

Stealth (black icon)


Blades/Claws/Fangs (red icon)

Energy Explosion (orange icon)

Incapacitate (light blue icon)

Penetrating/Psychic Blast (dark blue icon)

Poison (golden icon)

Pulse Wave (yellow icon)

Quake (light green icon)

Smoke Cloud (purple icon)

Steal Energy (black icon)

Super Strength (dark green icon)

Telekinesis (gray icon)

Precision Strike (pink icon)


Barrier (light blue icon)

Combat Reflexes (light green icon)

Defend (yellow icon)

Energy Shield/Deflection (dark green icon)

Impervious (golden icon)

Invincible (pink icon)

Invulnerability (gray icon)

Mastermind (dark blue icon)

Regeneration (black icon)

Super Senses (red icon)

Toughness (orange icon)

Willpower (purple icon)


Battle Fury (orange icon)

Close Combat Expert (purple icon)

Empower (pink icon)

Enhancement (dark green icon)

Exploit Weakness (light green icon)

Leadership (gray icon)

Outwit (black icon)

Perplex (golden icon)

Probability Control (light blue icon)

Ranged Combat Expert (red icon)

Shape Change (dark blue icon)

Support (yellow icon)

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