The HeroClix Wiki allows anyone, anywhere to edit and Create Articles found on this Website.

This Page is here to help people who wish to contribute to The HeroClix Wiki, if they do not know how.
We have included a link to the Policy Page so you can read what you can and can not do, as far as Creating and Editing is concern.

Editing HelpEdit

Editing a MediaWiki page can be hard, as well as easy, depending on what you are wanting to do.
Most of the time, typing Text is enough, but when things such as Tables, or Formating is required, it gets a little Tougher.

Instead of re-typing the pages and pages of information about editing, a few simple links are all that is needed.

  • Wiki tutorial - This site is more of a Basic look at editing a Wiki, a good Starting point for those who do not know the first step.
  • MediaWiki User's Guide - This site has everything you would ever need to know about editing any wiki using the MediaWiki Software, HeroClix Wiki Included.

HeroClix Wiki EditingEdit

There are a few things that are unique to the HeroClix Wiki, such as the templates that have been set up.
To help make it easier to edit the HeroClix Wiki, we have included a number of HeroClix Wiki related Help Documents.


Policies are made if the need arises, and are often voted on unless the Policy is 100% necessary, such as a Vandalism Policy.

Below is the link to the Main Policy page, which documents all policies that are followed on the HeroClix Wiki, as well as links to Policies that are Currently being voted on (If Any).


The HeroClix Wiki isn't owned by one person, it is owned by the Community. Every one has a say in how the HeroClix Wiki is ran.
As a member of the HeroClix Wiki Community, you have some rights. Such as Voting. Below you can find number of articles that will help you to be a productive member of the HeroClix Wiki Community.

Getting Started icon
Where & how to get started on Fandom
Contributing icon
How to contribute and format content
Community Management icon
Admin tools, role & management tips
Advanced icon
Advanced extensions, editing tools & admin tools
Customize ComHelp Button 75width
Theme designer, CSS, JS, wiki design
Mobile ComHelp Button 75width
Intro to mobile optimization and products

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