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This was the first Collector's Set announced by WizKids. It was announced to be an Extra bonus to the Buy it By the Brick promotion that was announced for the Marvel Set, Armor Wars
The set was available to those who had brought a Brick of HeroClix Boosters at a Discounted price before the public was allowed to purchase it.

As the name suggests, all seven Figures in the set are all Giant Figures. They were however misprinted with the Standard Damage Symbol (Normal) instead of the Giant Damage Symbol (Giant).
This mistake was corrected via a Document WizKids published, The DC edition of the Errata and Classifications.
The text in Errata about this error reads:

Quote DC Giants Collector's Set #1-7, CS06
These characters should have the Giant Damage Symbol instead of the Standard Damage Symbol.

All the Figures are Veteran.

The FiguresEdit

List of Figures
#001 Atom Smasher
#002 Validus
#003 Colossal Boy
#004 Rita Farr
#005 Giganta
#006 Alloy
#007 Chemo

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