Galactus 2004
Set Galactus is a set unto himself
Release Year 2004
Clix #
Rarity Limited Edition
Points 600 / 1200 / 1800
Keywords n/a
Team Power Cosmic
Current Status


Released in 2004 as a convention exclusive.

Galactus RulesEdit

Special rules of play[1] were released when using Galactus that has shaped the play for all colossal multi-dial characters.

Different Dials, One Epic CreatureEdit

Character InformationEdit

Galactus 2004A

Original 1966 Design

Galactus 2004C

Galactus preparing to devour a world

Galactus[2] was created during the union of the Sentience of the (previous) Universe and Galan of Taa[3], and is described as "the physical, metamorphosed embodiment of a cosmos." Although not an abstract, non-corporeal being, Galactus is a living force of nature set on correcting the imbalances between the conceptual entities Eternity and Death.

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