DC Heroclix Crisis Event Dial E005 Dial H for Hero

Event Dials look just like the bases of HeroClix figures, but it does not have a figure attached. There is no point value associated with these dials, but they do affect the game play and style based on the Event Dial and event card that comes with them.


Event Dials change one or more rules in a HeroClix battle. Because these changes can be significant - including alterations to the build total, limitations on what can be included in a force, rules in effect during the battle, or the victory conditions for the battle - all players should understand and agree to the use of an event dial before assembling their forces.

Onle one Event Dial can be used in a game. Where they conflict, rules for event dials override the rules given on this wiki, or the core rulebook.

Event dials shape events on the battlefield using rules that change durning the course of a game. The Battlefield Conditions cards cannot be used in a game in which the Event Dial is used.

Before the beginning of the game, turn the event dial so that a green line appears in the stat slot; the event dial can't be turned back (counterclockwise) past this line. If, while playing and event dial, a red line appears in the slot, the dial can't be turned forward (clockwise) past this line, though an effect might turn it back. If an event dial has no red line, continue to turn it clockwise past the green line and it is considered to have no end.

The event card also describes the effects the event dial will have on a game. Each effect listed on an event card is preceded by a colored circle. When a circle of that color appears in the slot of the associated event dial, the described effect is active.


On every card that comes with the Event Dial, there are symbols that give the details of how the dial is to be used. These details are represented using symbols that are universal to the Event Dials. The symbols are as follows:

Check box - Sets the scene for a game by describing any prerequisites for using the dial, special setup procedures, and any other special rules

Hourglass - Indicates when to turn the event dial; if not otherwise specified, turn the dial clockwise one click at the indicated time.

Trophy - Changes or additions to the game's victory conditions.

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