Some effects allow a character to be given a costed action “at no cost.” This changes costed actions into something similar to, but distinct from, FREE actions. The important distinction is that actions given “at no cost” always occur inside either other actions or special triggered effects, and are the only way to activate an action at a time you normally could not. They follow these rules:

  • Can only be activated while the action or special triggered effect that contains it is resolving.
  • Can activate the same effect more than once per turn. (Though you would need to find a way to trigger it again.)
  • Still counts as having been given either a MOVE or CLOSE or RANGE or POWER action (according to what the original costed action was). Effects that say you “can’t use” or “can’t be given” that type of action prevent it from being used “at no cost.”

Like FREE actions, costed actions “at no cost” do not decrease action totals or give action tokens, and may be given regardless of how many action tokens a character has or what other actions a character has been given. A character can be given more than one costed action “at no cost” in a turn if able.

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